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Libraries, Libraries, Libraries

What have I been up to recently, you ask. I've been visiting libraries across Iowa. And it has been so enjoyable...well, not the driving, of course. But I have met some of the most lovely people and been inside some of the most beautiful libraries. Let me give you some highlights.

• Onawa Library- I had a very chatty group of women, but...oh, it was so much fun. And their library?? Wow! It is gorgeous! They are still using the existing Carnegie portion, but they have added on, and it matches the exterior so well.

• Lakeview Library- Another really nice library. I can tell the people of Lakeview put some pride into their community building. And the reception I received! Again, lovely people. They had a whole spread of baked goods.

• Jefferson- I didn't have the event at the library because there were too many people attending, but I was treated like a famous guest. A group of Norwegian women ate lunch with me, led by library director Jane. They brought Norwegian items--a bunad, dishes, books--to become part of my event.

• Ogden Library- I had a large group of people attend and sold a good number of books. They invited me to partake in their luncheon.

And the list goes on and on. It warms my heart to see such pride the communities show in their libraries as well as so many people attending their events, checking out books, and serving on their boards. Iowa libraries have become so much more than a place to read the newspaper or check out books. They provide programming to serve the needs of the community. Let us hope they continue to survive and thrive.

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