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An Apology to My Students

Dear Former English Students,

I'm sorry I made you redo your papers multiple times. I'm sorry I told you they weren't interesting enough. Sincerely, Ms. Hanigan

There you go! A sincere apology from their picky, demanding English teacher. And why am I now apologizing? I recently was given a little of my own medicine.

I was asked to write a blog post for my publishing company's web page. No problem, I thought. I write blog posts for my own website. They're interesting, I think? This one won't take me any time to whip up. I spend 10 or so minutes crafting a masterpiece.

I attach it to an email and send it into...wherever electronic stuff goes. And I get a rejection. Not interesting. What? Me, not interesting? How can that be? I'm delightful! I'm witty and amusing!

Okay, maybe I can admit it may have been a bit dry. So, I send in the second one. Nope! I get a note back telling me to work on the introduction. What? Is he crazy! He writes non-fiction for goodness sakes! What would he know about the fine craft of writing?

Now I'm incensed. I'm steamed! How dare he tell me my writing isn't superb. Fantastic. A work of art. Who does he think he is?

After I stewed for a day or two, I was lying in bed thinking about that return email. I should have been worried about reorganizing my many "To Do" lists. Or getting my taxes ready. Or how The Gilmore Girls will end (I've never seen the show and have been binge watching it for weeks). But instead, I'm thinking about how to give him a more "interesting" introduction.

Then, as always, I get naughty. Oh, I'll give him an interesting intro, I think. So, the next day I wrote a ridiculous intro that he could never use. I used the word naked. Take that! Mr. Publishing Man.

If you want to see if he published the ridiculous blog or the serious blog, go to BookPress Publishing's page. It may take him a bit to get it set up, but eventually it will be there. I'll bet you ten bucks he puts up the serious one!

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