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Finally out of the mud

I have been stuck for weeks. I have two characters, Gunda (Goon•da) and Alex, left to write. I have known that Gunda would be a teacher, and one would think that I could handle those chapters pretty easily. I knew that I wanted to write about her education, but it was so different back then that my own experiences were useless. I finally started to do some serious research and got some ideas. Once I got her out of her training, I knew where I wanted to go. Writing about what happens in the classroom is my jam. So, I whipped out three chapters for her with more to write, but now I feel like I'm on the right track. I just need to plan out some plot events.

Alex is a total stumper for me. I have the general idea of what he is like. I need to think up some plot events that will drive his character. I could just kill him and then I wouldn't need to think up anything (I'm just kidding 😏). Sometimes I wish I hadn't cut off his foot. Oh well, can't grow it back. Well... I could, but you wouldn't buy that one, would you?

Still only have a vague idea of the ending of this novel. I'm hoping it reveals itself to me soon. If it's like the last book, I'll spend countless nights, lying in bed awake, thinking about the damn book. Side note-- I really thought retirement would give me good sleep since I wasn't worried about students or parents or getting someone mad at me. Just different busy thoughts, I guess.

I applied to participate in the Des Moines Book Fair. They allow a certain number of self-published books, and I'm hoping to be one of them. I have no idea what the fair entails, but I'll just be happy to be part of it.

Thanks for reading!

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