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Maybe I'm half-way finished?

So far, I've written 27 chapters (the last book was 25+epilogue). The chapters are short again in this book. I am particularly fond of books with short chapters. I appreciate being able to get a chapter or two in before going to bed. I hate stopping in the middle of chapters.

I haven't even started Gunda's chapters, and I'm not finished with some of the other characters. I've made up my mind that the book will end in the mid to late 30s. With the help of a friend, former colleage, and unpaid editor (Kristin J), I now know the ending of the book. I feel better about being able to bring all of these characters' stories together. Just like the last book, I was starting to have serious doubts about its being any good. I had only myself to disappoint on The Longest Journey, but now I have readers waiting for the second installment. It has to be as good as or better than the first one. ☝️

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