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The Wayward Author

I'm terrible at a lot of things-- anything sports related, letting my husband teach me to golf, making pie crusts-- but apparently I'm also bad at keeping my media up-to-date. Here's a quick list of all things new in my author life.

• Got accepted as a vendor at the Des Moines Book Festival 😊. Only sold 6 books😒

• BookPress Publishing wants to publish The Longest Journey. I signed a contract with them a few months ago 😀. Everything is backed up in the publishing world because of shortages. I should have hardcopy books this fall, but the book won't be launched until next spring. I'm so excited to have legitimacy in the book world. They are also interested in the sequel books.

• The second book, Sons and Daughters, is finished. I sent it to the publisher but won't start to edit it until this fall. Think a year from next spring for release.

• I have 6 chapters written in the last of the trilogy, The Wayward Son. It's been a little more slow going. I'm just getting into the meat of the story, so hopefully I'll get more creative juices going and get it finished in my usual 6 month timeline. Don't even ask when that one will be released. It will probably be a few years.

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