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Working my fanny off... well, not literally

I've been on a writing rampage, spend 4+ hours each day for the past week. How I wish I were literally writing my fanny off :-)

I hired an editor. She asked for the entire manuscript. Oops. Don't think we communicated that very well. I have all of these unrelated chapters, but I can't put all of them together yet. I could give her about the first 10 chapters but then had to work on Alex, Sophie, and Gunda so that I could weave them in when it was "their turn." Each character has 6-8 chapters, so I still had a lot of writing left. I got those characters written up to the time period that I could weave in some of the other characters and send her more chapters.

I finally finished all of the characters' arcs, so I know what their chapters will be until the end. I just need to write them. I am constantly thinking about the end of this book. The Longest Journey took me weeks to figure out the end. I had no idea. Once I got him to the cemetery, I didn't know exactly how the last paragraphs should be. Those were some sleepless nights.

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