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Not Yet a Poker Queen

I've gotten myself into an area of life of which I know nothing-- poker. ♦️ This book, as well as the last in the trilogy, rely on one character playing poker. It's important to me, as I've said before, that I write realistically.

I've read online directions, watched videos, and now played some games myself. I'm starting to feel a little more confident about the topic. I've been sitting on top of this section in the novel until I could write it properly, and I just wrote two scenes. This very generous professional player has offered to help me out. I'll be curious if, once he has time to look at it, he thinks it's passable.

It's really hard to write something that you don't feel confident about. Granted, I'm not sure that I've felt completely confident about any of this. I've got readers every week asking me how far along I am. I love that they are anxious for the second book, but I'm getting really stressed about getting this book finished in a reasonable amount of time.

I'm almost done with all but 2 characters. I may have to add some other chapters for the characters I've already written. I haven't put the chapters together to make sure that they flow. I'm sure there's going to be rewriting to make them work. I've finished editing the first two chapters, but there are a lot of chapters to go. I can probably have the novel written by the end of March, but then it takes months to edit.

I'll write again the next time I need a break from writing.

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